Burst pipes Geelong

If you have a burst pipe on your property, don’t hesitate to have the problem located and fixed accordingly. We’ll quickly come out to your property, inspect the system and, if we locate a problem, book the system in for a repair with our team of professionals. We’re dedicated to providing our valued clientele with an exceptional standard of service and communication for burst pipes Geelong wide. We’re happy to answer any enquiries you have or book your property in at a time that suits you. Give us a call us on 1800 830 900 or send us a message online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, and with all the information you require.

How are burst pipes caused?

Burst pipes are common plumbing emergencies that can be caused by a wide variety of sources. The easiest way to determine exactly what caused your burst pipe is to call for a professional inspection. The most common factors that are to blame include:

Tests should be conducted for approximately 30-40 minutes to ensure an accurate result.

Extreme weather: Heavy rain, winds, and hurricanes can all cause your pipes to shift and break.

Blocked pipes: Blockages which have been allowed to grow and take up more space inside your pipes can cause leaks and bursts to happen.

Tree root: When tree roots make their way into pipes, they may squeeze or block them to the point of bursting.

Property damage: Damage inflicted onto a pipe during landscaping or remodelling is a common cause of burst pipes.

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Look out for the signs of a burst pipe

If a pipe bursts in the floor or ceiling of your property, it can be some time before you notice. All too often the first you’ll know about it is when a bulge appears, or the water is flowing in a torrent. But not every burst pipe is a torrent of water gushing from the ceiling. You should also keep an eye out for damp patches on walls, ceilings and floors. These patches, as well as a loss of water pressure, unusual noises in the system and even electrical faults, can all point to a burst pipe being the problem. Regardless of the prevention taken, sometimes burst pipes will still happen. What you do when you discover one will make the difference between an inconvenience or a total disaster.

Take our burst pipes test

If you’re concerned that you may have a possible burst pipe causing damage to your property, our team of experts are happy to offer you some easy steps to test for water loss in your home. Try our at-home mains pressure test here. This type of test should be conducted for approximately 30-40 minutes to ensure an accurate result. If you’re concerned about your results or prefer to have a professional assess the situation, feel free to call the team at National Leak Detection to discuss the findings and options moving forward for burst pipes Geelong wide. Call our helpful team on 1800 346 353 today.