Have you recently noticed your water bill increasing, despite the fact you haven’t been using more water? Perhaps you’ve experienced a sudden drop in water pressure, or you can’t get consistently good pressure. These are often signs that there is a leak or burst pipe, potentially a severe one, somewhere in your water system. The timely repair of burst pipes Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula-wide can restore plumbing integrity and return your water bill to normal.


If you’re concerned that you may have a possible leak damaging your property, our team of experts are happy to offer you some easy steps to test for water loss in your home.

Tests should be conducted for approximately 30-40 minutes to ensure an accurate result.

Step 1: Go outside to locate your water metre. This can be near the edge of the property, often towards the street frontage.

Step 2: Note the figures that are displayed on your water meter. These will be used as a point of reference.

Step 3: Turn the water meter off. This means you will have no water to the property.

Step 4: Wait 30 minutes and check the water meter again. If the figures have changed, it suggests there is a point within the water lines that is continuing to run. This may be as simple as toilet running, but it may be more sinister such as a burst pipe.
If you’re concerned about your results, call the team at National Leak Detection to discuss the findings and options moving forward. We’re the leading provider of services for burst pipes Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne have to offer.

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Professional burst pipe detection & repairs

At National Leak Detection, we use acoustic listening devices to accurately pinpoint the location of an internal burst pipe without invasive exploratory works. This means that we can find the problem and carry out repairs without the needless destruction of existing working pipes. Regular inspections providers will only offer an inspection service, leaving the problem to be fixed by other contractors once they’ve located a leak. Our two-in-one service at National Leak Detection ensures that you get the best of both effective leak detection as well as efficient repairs to burst pipes Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne wide.

Case Study – Burst Pipe at Langwarrin Primary School

National Leak Detection was contacted by Langwarrin Primary School who were receiving significantly high water bills. Two of our senior technicians went to work on inspecting the pipework and a process of elimination to determine the exact location of the leak. After issues with some running toilets and a leaking irrigation line were rectified, the team were able to use Acoustic Listening and tracer gas to successfully pinpoint the location within a 1m radius. Our ability to locate leaks using non-invasive methods meant that the school did not waste time and money, nor cause more damage by digging up areas that were unrelated to the issue.