If you’re concerned that you may have a possible leak damaging your property, our team of experts are happy to offer you some easy steps to test for water loss in your home.

Tests should be conducted for approximately 30-40 minutes to ensure an accurate result.

Step 1: Go outside to locate your water metre. This can be near the edge of the property, often towards the street frontage.

Step 2: Note the figures that are displayed on your water meter. These will be used as a point of reference.

Step 3: Turn the water meter off. This means you will have no water to the property.

Step 4: Wait 30 minutes and check the water meter again. If the figures have changed, it suggests there is a point within the water lines that is continuing to run. This may be as simple as toilet running, but it may be more sinister such as a burst pipe. If you’re concerned about your results, call the team at National Leak Detection to discuss the findings and options moving forward.

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