Burst Pipe Located – Primary School, Langwarrin VIC

National Leak Detection was contacted by the Principal of a Langwarrin Primary School after they were continuing to receive significantly high water bills.

As schools are often situated on large blocks of land, it can be very difficult to successfully locate a small leak or burst pipe. After a few unsuccessful attempts from other companies, the Principal explained that she was unsure where to go from here. The bookings team at National Leak Detection Melbourne gave her reassurance and allocated her an afterhours appointment as her request.

Nick and Arron, two of our senior technicians went to work on inspecting the pipework and continued to update the client as of their findings. It was a process of elimination to determine the exact location of the leak. After issues with some running toilets and a leaking irrigation line were rectified, the team were able to use Acoustic Listening and tracer gas to successfully pinpoint the lation within a 1m radius, under a bitchumen play area.

Our ability to locate leaks using non-invasive methods, meant that the school did not waste time and money, nor cause more damage by digging up areas that were unrelated to the issue.

Water Leak detection Melbourne

Storm Water Issues and Clearing – Insurance Client, VIC

After a long and prosperous relationship with many of the major insurance companies throughout Melbourne, National Leak Detection continues to assist the claims process by providing accurate and detailed reports of the cause and damage from residential water leaks.

An example of this was when we were engaged to inspect and report on the condition of a residential storm water drains, after a claim was lodged due to cracking in the insured’s property.

Using state of the art CCTV equipment, National Leak Detection reviewed and identified a blockage in the storm water with a build up of debris and root intrusion. After submitting our report, including a detailed mud map for the engineers, we offered the insured the option to clear the drain privately.

The insured was extremely happy with our seamless and efficient services, and relayed their satisfaction to the insurance company.

Residential Gas Leak, Sorrento Vic

We were called out to a property in Sorrento after the owners were noticing a strong smell of gas. It was their holiday house that they visited on weekends but was empty midweek.

They had had a few plumbers out to look at it, who has told them when the gas line was pumped up to pressure it held, indicating no leaks on the line. The owners continued to smell gas so were not convinced.

That’s when they called us at National Leak Detection. The owners didn’t know where the gas line was running throughout the house but explained the tricky situation to our technicians.

Unsatisfied with the current explanation, our technician used Tracer Gas on the gas line to locate the leak. Eventually, they found a leak in the ceiling on gas mains. It was apparent that the pipe wasn’t crimped (which isn’t to Australian Standard) and the reason it wasn’t leaking when the other plumbers were testing it originally, was because the pipe was expanding and holding pressure. It was when the owners would leave for a week, and the gas wasn’t running through, it would decrease the pressure and leak back into the house on their return.

The only way to detect this type of leak is with the use of tracer gas and a specialist technician who won’t rest until the real issue is found!